Why should you consider a gift to Champaign County CASA?

Here at CASA, our mission is, "Standing up for children in the court system who have experienced abuse and neglect." In Champaign County, your gift allows 115 volunteers, along with our staff and attorneys, to advocate in court for children who are currently in foster care. Although there are many service providers involved in a case of abuse or neglect, because we are are the ONLY agency that focuses solely on the the well-being of the child, we can assure the safety of the child, influence their success, and move them toward a healthy, permanent home more efficiently and effectively. 

Currently there are over 400 children in Champaign County in foster care. When CASA is able to come alongside a child in such a difficult and critical time, the likelihood of a positive outcome increases greatly because we alone give voice to the child. Due to your generosity, the possibility of a new trajectory for the child’s life and future is created.

This work is critical, not only to the lives of local children, but to the future of families and our community as a whole.

Just like every business and organization, Champaign County CASA needs a team of supporters behind the scenes that make our day-to-day work possible. In addition to limited grants and contracts which are subject to change from year to year, much of our funding and impact is thanks to our individual and business supporters like you.

The current cost of serving one child per year is approximately $175 per month.  An ongoing monthly gift helps provide stability to our organizational funding, but more specifically, and most importantly, it allows us to give stability and hope to the children in foster care that we are serving.  The impact is truly life changing.

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